Android P Hypnotizing Easter Egg


Google released the first Developer Preview for Android P. We can say that this year’s update is very mesmerizing. Not all Easter eggs are filled with candy. Through the different versions of Android, Google has made a habit of hiding little surprises for its users to discover in each one.

Android P preliminary review: Perfecting the confectionery recipe If you go to Settings then About phone, then tap the Android P version several times, the Easter egg will open to reveal the letter P surrounded by a spiral background with alternating colors. It draws your eyes in and creates something of an optical illusion. When you scroll up and down, the colors change and the P gets smaller and smaller.

androidpit android p easteregg

Some users have pointed out that the Android P logo resembles an upside-down Beats logo. Which is part of the Apple family. Even as some Android manufacturers try to copy the iPhone X. It’s doubtful that Google would try to take inspiration from Apple’s Beats.


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