How to Detect If an Image Is Photoshopped or Not


Photoshop is undoubtedly the best photo editing program ever. And thanks to Photoshop tutorials on YouTube, Photo manipulation is not just for experts anymore. Anyone can learn the basics of Photoshop in just a few hours.

How to detect Photoshop Fake

1. Look for Signs of Image Compression

When in doubt whether the image is manipulated or not, you can take help of an online tool called FotoForensics.

Moreover, you will also see nonuniform compression.However, this may not be true in all cases. In those situations follow their detail guide on how to analyze the compression map to properly evaluate if the picture you uploaded is Photoshopped or not.



2. Check Metadata or Exif Data

we can use online image metadata viewer to pull up all the metadata.

If the metadata tells a different story then what the image provider has to say then it can be a possible case of image manipulation.

However, this method is not foolproof.Moreover, if a person has enough skill to manipulate an image using Photoshop then they can easily modify and hide relevant Exif data with ease.

3. Look for the Shadow

If the picture consists of some scenery or similar stuff then always look for the shadows. Manipulating shadows is one of the hardest things even for a Photoshop expert. Many a time, users new to Photoshop or with limited knowledge and experience cannot properly detail the shadow intensity and viewing angle.

Look for the Shadow

4. Pay Attention to the Image File Size

Image or pictures faked using Photoshop are often too big in file size compared to what the average size should have been.So,this method is not that reliable but it is good to keep in mind when looking for fake Photoshopped images.

5. Think and Use Common Sense

The best way to detect if an image is fake or not is by using common sense.

A Photoshop fake, that’s it.



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