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Home screen

This is an area that throws a lot of former iPhone users for a loop, since the home screen experience can be quite different from Apple’s simple app and folder grid. While Apple users tend to live in what we call the app drawer, Android users have home screens on top of the app drawer so that most apps are out of the way and only what you want to see is on the home screen.

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Now, for those new to our little Android club, Nova Launcher is a highly popular and customizable third-party home screen launcher. It can replace the launcher that came on your phone as the default home screen, so Android users can change their entire home screen experience by downloading a new launcher. They’re awesome, and there are plenty of good launchers out there, but today we’re sticking with Nova so that we can get down and dirty in Nova Settings to help get us as close as possible.

1.Making an iHome Screen Layout in Nova Launcher:

  1. Install Nova Launcher from the Google Play Store. It’s free, though I highly recommend buying Nova Launcher Prime ($4.99) so that you get all the features, including the gesture shortcuts we’re gonna be taking advantage of later on for Quick Settings.
  2. Open Nova Launcher.
  3. Tap the home button.
  4. When prompted, select Nova Launcher as the default Home screen launcher.
  5. Open the app drawer (the six dots in a circle in the center of the dock).This is the grid you're looking for.
  6. Open Nova Settings, then Desktop.
  7. Open Desktop grid and expand the grid from 5 rows to 6 by dragging the current row number (5) up until the 6 takes its place and the preview grid shows six rows.
  8. Confirm the change by tapping Done.
  9. (Optional) Scroll down in Desktop settings and toggle on Add icon to home screenNote: Most users hate this setting, as it puts everything you install on the home screen instead of in the app drawer. For users coming from an iPhone who are used to living in an app drawer, you might prefer to have all the apps dumped on your home screen so you never have to look at the app drawer.
  10. Tap the back button to return to the main Nova Settings menu.While most Android home screens have five slots on their dock, iPhone users will be more used to four.
  11. Open Dock.
  12. Open Dock icons and drag the 5 to the right until 4 takes its place and you see four squares in the preview dock instead of 5. This will allow our dock to line up with our desktop grid, but it also means that if you intend to use the app drawer, your dock might feel unbalanced.
  13. Download the iOS folder background and save it to a folder you’ll remember.If your settings don't look like this, you didn't do it right.
  14. Open Nova Settings, then Folders.
  15. In Folder preview, select Grid.
  16. In Folder background, select Custom.
  17. Navigate to the folder background image you downloaded and select it.
  18. Tap the home button to return to the home screen and check out your new grid.


Download Nova launcher Here

Download Nova Launcher Prime Here

Download iOS Folder Background Here

2.Apple Icons

Android’s icons are far more diverse than the rounded squares that Apple insists all icons on the App Store be. But thankfully, there’s a metric crap-ton of icon packs in the Google Play Store that’ll give you icons shaped that way. None of them are quite like Apple (because copyright), but you have ample options. Here are just just a few:

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  • Adrasta (Free) is a rounded square icon pack that looks pretty freaking good with a bright palette and clean lines. It also has a masking tool so that unthemed icons are still sitting on a rounded rectangle. It also has a nice variety of alternate icons to let you play with.

3.Applying an Apple-esque icon pack:

  1. Install the pack from Google Play.Make your home screen look totally different just by selecting a new icon pack.
  2. Open Nova Settings, then Look & feel.
  3. Open Icon theme and select your icon pack from the list of icon packs.
  4. Hit the home button and see your glorious new icons.
  5. (Optional) If the icons look too small in the launcher, you can turn off Normalize icon size in Look & feel to try and boost the size of the icons. If you’re a Nova Launcher Prime user, you can enlarge your icons on the DesktopDock, and App & widget drawer using the Icon layout option in each of those menus.


Download Adrasta Here


4.Putting iOS icons on an Android phone

  1. Download the stock icons for iOS 9 from deviantart user LutschGabriel, or the iOS 8 icons from deviantart user dtafalonso.
  2. Now, you’ll need to extract the icons using a file manager app like Solid Explorer. Save them to a convenient folder and remember where you saved them, because you’re gonna be coming back to that folder a lot.

Editing individual shortcuts and icons is simple and powerful.

  1. Long-press on one of the app shortcuts on your home screen you’d like to replace.
  2. Edit the shortcut.
  3. Tap the icon to edit the icon.
  4. Rather than select an icon from a pack, tap Gallery apps.
  5. Select Documents to bring up a document browser.

If your icon's inside the box, you're good.

  1. Find the folder you saved your stock icons to and select your intended iOS icon.
  2. Make sure the preview square includes the entire icon. If it doesn’t, drag the corners of the preview box to expand it.
  3. Tap Done to confirm your custom icon.
  4. (Optional) If you would like to relabel the app to match its iOS counterpart, feel free. Changing the label doesn’t change what app the shortcut goes to, so you can lie and say you’re going to iMessage when you’re really going to Hangouts.
  5. Tap Done in the shortcut edit window to confirm your edits.

Download Stock Icons Here


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Apple’s had a lot of distinctive stock wallpapers over the years, and while I would never, ever use a stock wallpaper because that is the most basic way of making a phone your own and we offer youfive new

wallpapers every Wednesday … well, if you want to use one of Apple’s coveted stock wallpapers, reddit’s got ya coverer.There are also a variety of wallpaper apps that will add the parallax effect to your wallpaper to further mimic the iPhone, but most of them simply aren’t worth the time or the space on your phone. If you want your wallpaper to move, you can turn on Wallpaper scrolling in Nova Settings > Desktop > Scroll > Wallpaper Scrolling.

Download Wallpaper Here

Quick Settings

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Smart Control adds an overlay to your screen that will bring up a quick settings panel that is remarkably Apple-esque and is pretty responsive. Because it is an overlay over the screen however, it can interfere with gestures and controls in other apps, so be mindful of that if you play a lot of games or do a lot of scrolling up from the bottom of the screen. Also, if it crashes while it’s an overlay of the screen, you might have to perform a hard reset to regain control of your device. Which is why I highly recommend using the Quick Settings panel that comes with your phone

Download From Here

Lock Screen

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If you want to use Android Pay, you can stop reading right now, because you can’t use a third-party lock screen with Google’s contactless payment app. Still want a lock screen that looks like Apple’s? Okay, there are a breathtaking number of clones on the Google Play Store, but HenryOS’s Passcode Lock Screen has over a million installs and over 35,000 reviews, and balances customization with a very faithful ‘homage’ of Apple’s UI.

Download iOS Lockscreen Here

Status Bar for Android

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Install and launch Omega Status Bar and configure the app. Under General tab turn on your relevant options:

  1. Accessibility: Turn on Accessibility option to let Omega access your notifications and other data that are displayed on the Status Bar – like signal strength, cellular data, volume, date, time, battery information, etc.
  2. Start on Boot.
  3. Clock style and mode.
  4. Battery Indicator and Percentage.
  5. Network, Wi-Fi and Notifications indicator.
  6. Other indicators: GPS, USB, Bluetooth, Headset and other indicators.

Turn on Accessibility options: Go to Settings >> Accessibility (Under System) >>Turn on for Omega Status Bar. A pop up warns you that the app will have access to your phone information. That is because the app has to display notifications. Click on OK to confirm.

On the Themes tab, select iPhone OSB Theme using the theme manager.

Now turn on Omega Status Bar by sliding the indicator on the top right hand corner of the screen

Download Omega Status Bar Here

Notification for Android

iPhone Notifications is a cool notifier that monitors and displays app notifications in iPhone style banners or Alerts (Available for free).

When the app is launched, it automatically scans and lists all the apps on your device. You can configure how to display notifications (alert or banner) for each of the apps separately. Some of the apps will already be configured by default.

Accessibility features for iPhone Notifications lite needs to be enabled for it to access app notifications. Enable it by opening Settings >> Accessibility (under System) >> Turn on for iPhone Notifications Lite.

Here make sure that Notifications are turned off for “Messages” (Android’s default SMS app). We will use a separate app for this purpose.

Download iPhone Notifications Here


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