How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Images, Videos & Messages


Restore WhatsApp Data from Google Drive Backup

Step 1 Uninstall the WhatsApp on your device.

Step 2 Reinstall it and sign in your account.

Step 3 There would be prompted with a message to restore your backup after you open the reinstalled WhatsApp. Please tap “Restore”. And the job is done!

Restore WhatsApp Messages from Google Drive


1. Only allows the option to back up and restore for devices with the same Operating System.

2. If you never back up before, you are not able to restore the data when accidentally delete.

3. It doesn’t allow you to select recover the data selectively and you need to restore the whole files on the backup copy, even some of them are useless.

4. You skip the restore step when you re-install WhatsApp, you could never restore it in this way.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chat Messages without any backups

If you just delete some very important chat messages without a backup, how can you get them backup? We recommend this Android data recovery which is easy to use and free to download. Here is how you can recover WhatsApp messages without backup with this Android data recovery.

  1. When you delete WhatsApp chat history by mistake, your messages will actually be saved in your mobile internal memory or SD card until they will be erased completely from your mobile phone storage until you save new files or data on your phone. So do not use your phone for now to prevent new files or data overwriting the deleted files or data.
  2. Install the data recovery software for Android mobiles on your Windows PC.
  3. Use the data recovery to scan your Android mobile phone. It supports up to 2000 Android mobiles, including Samsung mobiles, LG phones, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Nexus, ZTE, Huawei, Xiaomi, Blu, or other Android based phones and tablets.
  4. Get back your lost WhatsApp messages, and export them from your mobile phone to computer.

Note: This is a desktop software for Windows and Mac, you can’t download it on to your Android phone or other computers. This download serves as both the free trial and the full version of the software. You can order online to get the license key through email, then unlock the full version by entering a license key purchased.

Step 1. Turn on the USB debugging option on your Android mobile.

Enable USB debugging on Android phones,

Step 2. Connect your Android phone to computer via USB

Run Android Data Recovery on your computer. Use your USB data cord to connect up your mobile phone and computer. The data recovery software can automatically detect your cell phone and establish a connection between the data recovery application and your phone.

connect android mobile to pc USB port

Step 3. Analyze your mobile and scan for deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android

The Android data recovery software will now analyze your phone. It will check your Android version, driver support, etc.

Before you allow the Android data recovery program to scan your phone, you have the choice to select what kind of file you like to recover. This is optional, you can leave it to the default, so the data recovery utility will scan all your files and data on the phone.

It is recommended to choose the specific file type you need to recover, in this case it is WhatsApp messages & documents, as this can narrow down and search and save you a lot of time. See below screen capture.
recover whatsapp messages attachments with android data recovery


Step 4. Recover deleted WhatsApp Chat Messages and documents

Now click Next button at the bottom right corner of the above screen to allow the Android data recovery tool to scan your Samsung smartphone or other Android device connected. This tool can search the lost files and data from your internal memory, and external storage. The result page will be grouped into different categories and you can open each category to preview and found data and recover any items or data to your computer and mobile phone.
recover deleted whatsapp messages attachments on android mobile
You can select the WhatsApp data to recover, the chat messages, photos, videos, attachments. You can select and export any or all of them to your computer. The data recover program is compatible with almost all Samsung smartphones and other Android phones like HTC, Motorola, Sony, Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE, LG. Refer to this guide, if you are using WhatsApp on iPhone: steps to recover whatsApp chats on iPhone.


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