Whatsapp Bomber Crash Your Friends Whatsapp Remotely by Sending Message


WhatsApp Bomber

Whatsapp is a social networking application with this you can communicate with all your friends, relatives and family members. This makes you eligible for sending the messages, audios, videos to your friend’s circle. Peoples also were using GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus more than any other apps and found this most relevant. More useful than any other communicating apps. Get ready for WhatsApp Bomber tricks of 2017.

Download WhatsApp Bomber

Whatsapp is not limited to few countries only but it can widely be used by the whole world. Peoples found it more useful in sending images, videos, audios, texts, documents, contacts etc. than any other app. Sometimes if you want to make some prank with your friends then this article is more needful. In this article we went to explain to you how you can download the Whatsapp bomber crash. How could you use it in making the prank.

For successfully making prank with your friends this trick is more understandable or useful. This is a complete guide for how to download WhatsApp bomber crash app. Also we would share another useful trick named SpyHunter which is basically a system based application.  But you can easily use it on your Android device by downloading Microsoft.net framework  .


So guys just follow the steps which explain you below use it and enjoy the magic.

  • A rooted Android device is not necessary, here you just need to go to settings <<security and select on unknown sources << that makes you Android device eligible to download apps from unknown sources.
  • Make sure WhatsApp is been installed on your Android device.
  • Now download WhatsApp bomber crash app.
  • Proper Internet connection available

Download WhatsApp Bomber

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   Download WhatsApp bomber Apk for Android – DOWNLOAD Here


Crash friends WhatsApp account by sending a bomb

  • First of all download WhatsApp bomber crash app from here
  • Now open the WhatsApp bomber crash app.
  • Here the select level of bombing from 1 to 5 depends on your interest. Level 1 is used to make small prank, level 2 is used to make little more prank than level 1, level 3 is most widely used level or we can say that it is a moderate level . if you guys are like to make strong prank of your friend then you need to select level 5 of bomber crash app.
  • Now after successfully select bomber level between 1 to 5  you need to click copy bomb to clipboard button.
  • It makes you ready for drop the bomb anywhere else where you want to like your friends, relatives or the person to which you would like to make a prank.
  • Once your message is successfully delivered at the desired location, your friend just needs to open the message then explosion starts which make your friend device been hang by a bomb.

Note – “if you are going to send the bomb at level 4 or level 5 then please be confident because once this bomb is delivered your friend getting much more hamper which is difficult to handle by you . also it makes the Android device hang for a long time which is not worthy. sometimes it may create a problem for you so use this level on your own risk friends. Also after sending the bomb your WhatsApp is getting hang badly and this will become the reason to delete all your chats for getting rid of this problem.”

Guide of How to recover from WhatsApp bomb

Once you send the bomb to your friend WhatsApp account then it may hang your Android device badly hang, so we would like to tell you that you can easily get rid of this problem by just follow steps which we explain below. now take a look at it.

  • You just need to go to settings << apps << select WhatsApp app << click on it<< makes force stop it will surely help you.
  • Another method if you are still facing the problem in your WhatsApp account then you need to delete the entire chats from your WhatsApp.
  • If your problem is still not facing then goto settings again <<select apps<<choose WhatsApp app << make clear the data.

So guys we really hope you would like a lot. but if you are still facing this hang problem then please you first uninstall the WhatsApp from your Android device and again download the WhatsApp from Google play store . at last make registrations process complete with your mobile number of your choice.

Whatsapp bomber Download Android

Now a days WhatsApp become more popular than any other apps. It is becoming the most widely used app worldwide. There are over millions of peoples using WhatsApp across the world because this is really useful. You can easily send messages, graphical messages, informative messages, videos, audios, contacts, documents etc. Here in this article we provide you the simple method to make prank of your friends. As well as small or little pranks with your friends , relatives, or others etc. WhatsApp bomber crash app, makes you able to drop the bombs in your friends WhatsApp account. This may simply hang the Android device makes your friend hamper, but the only person who enjoy it a lot is that you only.


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